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About BLH Psych Services, LLC

Bridget Heady, LMHC

Founder, CEO

Bridget Heady is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. Bridget understands both the clinical and administrative areas of creating quality organizations. She is dedicated to the field of behavioral healthcare in order to provide exceptional treatment and safety to clients through the consulting process of Joint Commission Accreditation.

Bridget’s background in the behavioral healthcare field as a licensed practitioner and clinical supervisor provides her with extensive knowledge from her internal role of on-site surveys. She believes that achieving and maintaining the highest standard of excellence through the Joint Commission (TJC) is essential for organizations to gain success. Bridget is an expert in behavioral healthcare preparation for accreditation focusing on the Joint Commission (TJC) standards. Bridget specializes in the collaboration with staff members in the creation of policies and procedures, developing performance improvement and strategic plans, reviewing and modifying medical record documentation, training staff, and completion of mock tracers. Bridget’s passion for the field is also shown through her teaching and supervision of registered interns for passing the licensure examination and achieving their license.

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Casey Heady


Casey Heady has 15+ years in the field of building safety and business development. Throughout his career, Casey has held vital roles teaching OSHA safety training seminars, instructing workplace safety and competency. These experiences enable Casey to educate staff members and conduct trainings on new and updated policies throughout the accreditation process. Specifically, he will create a structured and detailed plan for managing the day to day activities to maintain a safe and successful facility. Casey will conduct very detailed trainings with Behavioral Health Techs on all drills, logs, hazardous materials and emergency procedures.  

Casey has a deep passion for creating a safe environment and paired with his understanding of environmental hazards and best practices makes Casey an expert in Life Safety, Environment of Care and Emergency Management. He has always enjoyed and excelled at prioritizing many simultaneous demands and making them come together harmoniously. Casey communicates with any outside vendors during all construction or installation of safety equipment throughout the accreditation process.  Casey believes that a true consultant is someone that takes the time to understand the true needs of his clients and who is able to consult on the best solutions through knowledge, experience and genuine concern. In addition to Life Safety, Environment of Care & Emergency Management, Casey handles HR and Performance Improvement. Casey is a well-respected asset to all those who he has had the pleasure of working with and he looks forward to helping you achieve the excellence that is associated with Joint Commission accreditation.

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