A Hands-On Approach 


Why BLH Psych Services?

We pride ourselves on having a unique business model by partnering with each organization. BLH Psych Services clients have a 100% success rate in gaining accreditation. Accreditation can be a stressful process, we reduce that stress by having a hands-on and customized approach in creating policies and procedures with staff members of each department and train staff on the policies and procedures created to ensure compliance. (We do not use preprinted templates!) We are experts in the standards from the behavioral healthcare manual from The Joint Commission (TJC). We provide a structured and efficient process by prioritizing survey preparation. Our team is comprised of licensed clinicians and safety building code experts; this allows our company to provide a comprehensive service for accreditation and post-accreditation.

We work efficiently to drastically reduce accreditation time, typically getting organizations surveyed between 6 and 9 months. On average, organizations not utilizing a consultant will typically take 10-14+ months due to extensive information and interpretation of the standards as well as pulling an employee from their current job duties. We provide an in depth review of mock tracers for each position/job title to ensure preparation. BLH Psych Services provides assistance from start to finish including application to corrective action plans. Our hands on approach allows us to assist in minimizing exposure and risk of liability.